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  • J****H
    5 months after purchasing, and it already doesn’t work.
  • T****5
    Bought this as a birthday gift for my husband! He loves it!
  • Ap****il
    É bonito, mas mal feito! Os pinos caíram e atrasa muito!
  • E.****ad
    Arrived in a very strong protective box and every surface was wrapped and protected from scratches.It makes a beautiful presentation. I’m So happy I purchased it.. My husband is so pleased
  • Wi****da
    Chegou antes do prazo previsto, e o Relógio e Top.
  • Pa****er
    Bonito, mas veio com o ponteiro das hs desrregulado na hora cheia o ponteiro das hs fica entre dois numeros, esta 30min atrazados ou adiantados. Só por isso já se foi o relógio. Só serve pra enfeite.
  • Ra****ok
    I got this as a gift for my husband, and he adores it! It's so nice looking, so masculine, and I have never seen him this pleased with a watch! So happy I chose this one!
  • Al****ny
    Ha dejado de funcionar! Se adelantaba la hora siempre
  • F****.
    Perfeito ótimo funcionamento produto bem acabado marca presença muito brilhante produto de primeira
  • At****ne
    It had some scratches on the top, it looks used I’m not happy, was going to give this to a friend as a gift but I can’t anymore because it looks used.
  • S****.
    I tired of battery watches that were out after a year and then you have to send watch for a new battery at more cost than the watch was worth. Unfortunately I am not into winding watches as the knob hurts my fingers. Also too much involved in the watch face and difficult to read. I wished I had not purchased this item
  • Th****us
    I love the look of this watch. It's flashy without being ostentatious, and I love the way the dial shines when I'm out in the sun. I find it to be highly accurate, and it holds a full wind at least through two days.
  • AS****ee
    The watch is esthetically pleasing, the color of the dial is well represented on Amazon. However, the numbers on the dial are smaller than they appear on the screen.
  • An****al
    The watch looks great and wasn't a bad price but being that I have multiple watches that I like to alternate I find myself having to wind this one all the time. This watch is supposed to keep its time with just the motion of being on your body but if you take it off for a day you will have to reset the time next time you put it on. I don't think I will buy a battery less watch again. Because of the inconvenience of having to wind it all the time I really don't wear it.
  • T****h
    Very high end looking and great quality for a good price! The date is quite tiny and hard to read, but I don't pay attention to that anyway. Very much worth what I paid for it. (I bought it for my husband's birthday).
  • Ti****as
    Looks good and clean. I love it.
  • De****th
    Nice looking stylish watch, Great time piece with sleek features.
  • Ma****ey
    Very sexy watch for men, will be purchasing more!
  • Ju****on
    Love the color and easy to operate. Looks like I paid a lot more money. Good item for men’s gift. I like it that no battery is required.
  • K****F