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Reviews (999)
  • Ma****er
    Classy little black dress. Bought for my daughter to wear to an orchestra concert. Stylish but not revealing. Flattering cut and fit. Nice stretch. Paired well with a pair of ankle strap high heels
  • No****et
    I got so many compliments on this dress. Very flattering, well made, just overall perfect!
  • Va****or
    The picture they show is the dress being longer in the back and shorter in the front; it didn’t come that way. I will keep it because it’s still a nice dress but I was disappointed.
  • A****s
    is totally different as seen at the screen , cheap quality
  • Ni****er
    While the dress is cute, it’s not the same one in the picture. It’s not a high-low cut on the hem. The dress that was sent is all the same level on the bottom. It’s a thick fabric and not one I’d think a dress would be made of. I was disappointed.
  • sc****nz
    Runs a little small so I went a size up than what I normally get.It's thicker material than I thought which I love. I did get a clasp to up on the back so that it is more fitted around the waste.
  • Y****e
    Does not fit if your a DDD, this dress is meant for a specific body type
  • Ch****tt
    I was looking for a holiday dress and thought this dress could be it. Well unfortunately it’s not flattering at all. I felt like Mrs. Clause that was ordered from wish. Too bad.
  • Ma****on
    Great length.
  • M****3
    The dress looks nothing like the picture. Back and front of the skirt are almost the same length
  • C****y
    Product came in rolled up crumpled bag like it had been thrown in the trash. I iTunes not used. So disappointed I just returned.
  • Su****er
    So worth the money fit’s true to size is adorable on
  • Ja****er
    The dip in the back and front of the dress is not how it’s pictures which is why I wanted it. The material is not bad. Didn’t give the cute look like the model. I returned it.
  • D****s
    I really wanted to like this dress. The photo and description were enough to make me purchase it. Unfortunately the material was thin and cheap looking. There really was zero shape to the dress. The seams around the waist were almost poking through. Very disappointing.
  • J****J
    The dress is very flattering even tho I’m about 20 pounds overweight and 5 ft 2”. The material is very nice and while I feel great in it now (makes me have a waist), I think it will fit well for a while as I lose my excess.
  • R****f
    Beautiful dress comfortable and nice material.
  • G****m
    CUTE style, slim fit, not worth the $, even on sale!
  • W****y
    It was OK.. the fabric was kinda itchy. I ended up not wearing it. Very uncomfortable and couldn’t have imagined wearing the tick itchy fabric in the summer for a wedding (which is why I purchased it) it also looks a lot cheaper then the photo. I’ve had a lot of good luck with cute dresses for wedding on Amazon and nobody can tel it’s a 30$ dress from Amazon.. this looks like it should have cost 10$ wouldn’t wear it anywhere. I gave it two stars because the color was exactly as the photo and the style was also the same everything else was terrible
  • J****e
    The color was lighter than expected and it was a bit tight. I still rocked it, just needed some shape ware to feel my best in this dress. I had to pick different jewelry for the event I went to. The emerald stuff just didn't match with this almost spring green color. It is a gorgeous dress, just wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
  • Me****on
    I wore this to several parties and got compliments everywhere I went. Super cute fit, comfy to wear.